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Block Work in NYC | Best Local Concrete Blockwork Wall Contractor

Are you looking for a block work construction company in NY? Couldn’t find block work contractors near you? GEM Brick Pointing Services Ltd provides NYC’s best block masonry work contractors.

Blockwork is a preferred construction method in New York because it increases durability. Therefore, the wall meant to be load-bearing should build with blocks. However, the durability depends on the construction team as well. Therefore, we are providing the best concrete blockwork wall construction services. To make your wall more durable, we also pointing blockwork. So your walls look beautiful and more durable.

Contact our service providers to complete your work with quality and on time.

Professional Blockwork Contractor in NYC

GEM Brick Pointing Services are the most professional blockwork contractor in New York. We have been providing guidelines, free estimates, customer support, and construction services to our clients for the last few years. Furthermore, our construction professionals are experts in constructing and pointing blockwork. Our priority is to provide quality work with a fine look, so your building looks new and beautiful.

We provide our services for both commercial and residential blockwork in New York. Both commercial and residential blockwork projects are different. Therefore, they need separate planning and structure. Our block builders are industry specialists and can never compromise on quality. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the quality of blocks and work done.

Our services include blockwork repair, installation, and replacement in New York. No Matter how complex the structure is. Our blockwork craftsmen will take care of that and complete the project on time. Contact our experts to get your work done at a competitive price and on time.

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    Frequently Asked Question

    What is block work in construction?

    Block Work is the construction of concrete or cement blocks instead of bricks. These blocks are used to increase the durability and strength of construction. There may be hollow cores to make blocks lighter and improve insulation capacity.

    How to build a masonry block wall?

    Place the block on the mortar bed and press it down to build the block wall. Then, place the second block on the corner of the previous one and again press it down. After completing the first row, place mortar on the blocks and repeat the process.

    Is blockwork cheaper than brick?

    Building a wall from bricks and blocks costs almost the same. However, the price of blocks is comparatively less, but after the installation fee, both are comparable. For more details, contact GEM Brick Grinding Services.

    How much blockwork can be done in a day?

    The number of blocks that can be built daily is 200-300. However, many factors are involved, like size, weight, the height of the building, and the number of corners. Here at GEM Bricks Pointing Services, we can build up to 250-350 blocks daily. For more details, contact our specialist now.