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Brick Tuckpointing Contractors in NY | Brick Pointing Contractor New York

Brick Tuckpointing Contractors

Are you looking for brick-pointing companies in NY? Couldn’t find any contractors for spot-pointing? GEM Brick Pointing Services provides the most reliable pointing or repointing services. Our certified professionals provide quality work within time and budget. Therefore, call us today to get your masonry work done.

Tuckpointing is similar to brick pointing, but one key difference is the mortar. In tuckpointing, a contractor will fill the mortar between the bricks. The color of the mortar may be the same as the bricks or in contrast. It depends on the requirements. However, this process aims to enhance the look and strength of the wall.

Tuckpointing also corrects defects and finishes off joints for walls. Therefore, contacting reliable contractors like GEM Brick Pointing Services is compulsory. Our certified contractors know the complexity of work. We know a minor mistake can lead to major issues. Therefore, we will take care of every minor and major detail of your masonry work.

Spot pointing is also a similar process to tuckpointing but on a small scale. We only fill the gaps or spots with the mortar in spot-pointing. It is just a touch-up work after the brick pointing and tuckpointing is completed. Therefore, you don’t need separate contractors for spot-pointing. Our contractors will take care of your complete masonry work to enhance the beauty of your building. Therefore, contact our contractors now for cost estimates and your masonry work.

Brickpointing Contractor New York

Brick Tuckpointing Contractors in NY

GEM Brick Pointing Services is of the best brick tuckpointing contractors in NY. Our specialists can handle any pointing and repointing services in New York. Furthermore, we can handle both commercial and residential projects. We aim to provide the best quality work to keep your walls safe and secure. Therefore, contact us whenever you need tuckpointing, brick-pointing, and spot-pointing.

Our online customer service is available for you. You can contact us anytime for cost estimations, guidelines, support, and services.

Brick Pointing Contractor New York

GEM Brick Pointing Services is the leading brick pointing contractor in New York. Our brick-pointing contractors will remove old mortar and insert new mortar into walls. While brick pointing, we will ensure the walls’ structural integrity. Furthermore, we provide pointing services for walls and chimneys.

Our professionals are available for any pointing and reporting services in New York. Contact us today to get your NYC brick-pointing work started.

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    Frequently Asked Question

    What is the difference between tuckpointing and brick pointing?

    Tuckpointing and repointing are almost similar processes. Repointing is the process of removing old mortar and replacing it with new ones. While on the other hand, tuckpointing is the process of removing old mortar with new ones. But the difference in the mortar color is the main thing. In Tuckpointing, replacing mortar has a similar color to bricks.

    Why is tuckpointing so expensive?

    It is compulsory to look at the minor details in tuckpointing while removing or inserting mortar into walls. Therefore, it is a labor-intensive job that is more expensive than repointing. Contact GEM Brick Pointing Services for details.

    Is repointing cheaper than tuckpointing?

    Yes, repointing is cheaper than tuckpointing. The tuckpointing cost per square foot is $5 to $25, and the repointing cost is $3 to $15 per square foot. But it may depend on the contractors and the quality of work. Therefore, contact us now for cost estimations according to your project.

    How long will tuckpointing last?

    The average period of tuckpointing is 25-30 years. You might need it more frequently if you live in a humid climate. Humidity can cause fungus and weaken the mortar’s grip on the bricks. Contact GEM Brick Pointing Services for more details.

    What time of year is best to do tuckpointing?

    You can do it whenever you want. But the ideal time for exterior work is spring or fall season. If you have done tuckpointing in these months, mortar can grip better as the weather is more temperate. A temperature between 40 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal for mortars. If you still need guidelines or support, you can contact us anytime.