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Parapet Wall Construction in NY

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Are you looking for a construction company for a parapet wall in New York? Couldn’t find any reliable constructors near you? Here we provide the most reliable parapet wall installation, repair, and replacement services in NY.

Parapet walls provide extra security and beauty to any structure. Therefore, installing, repairing, or replacing these walls is recommended. Here at the GEM Brick Pointing Services, we feel pride in providing the highest quality parapets for our clients.

From commercial to residential buildings, our experts can handle complex structures. We feel pride in creating secure and reliable structures for our clients. Our constructors are the most experienced and never compromise on quality.

Masonry Parapet Wall Construction Company in New York

Parapet walls are an essential part of a building’s roof structure. It can be very useful to keep people safe from falling onto the ground. Furthermore, these walls also play an essential role in beautifying the buildings. Therefore, finding the most reliable constructors to make durable parapet walls is important.

At GEM Brick Pointing Services, we have quality parapetwalls constructors in NY. Our experienced constructors always prioritize quality work. Therefore, you can call our specialist anytime to ask for parapet wall construction costs.

Why Choose Our ParapetWalls Constructors?

If you are looking for trusted roofing and general constructors in New York. Then, GEM Brick Pointing Services will be your only choice. We are the only reliable company you can work with. With over nine years in business, we built the reputation of being the leading company.

Our professional constructors can build, repair, and rebuild the parapet walls in NY. Therefore, you can handle everything after hiring us. We will take care of the rest for you.

Call us now to explore what parapet wall options we have for you. That could save time and money and give you peace of mind!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the minimum height of a parapet wall?

    According to OSHA, the minimum height of the ParapetWall is 39 inches above the roof surface. Furthermore, the maximum size of the parapet wall can be up to 45 inches from the intersection of the wall.

    What material is used for parapet walls?

    For building the dwarf wall around the corners of the roof, you can use any material like glass, steel, aluminum, or concrete. Therefore, the material doesn’t matter, but it must be strong enough to be safe or protect a person from falling.

    Does a flat roof need a parapet?

    Every roof accessible to people must have dwarf walls to ensure safety. Therefore, it is compulsory to build parapet walls for such roofs. Constructing these walls will also protect the furniture and other objects from falling. Furthermore, these walls enhance the building’s look, and such buildings appear taller.

    What is the main purpose of a parapet wall?

    There are many purposes for building dwarf walls around roofs or terraces. You can hide necessary roofing materials like drains and vents. Furthermore, it can protect your furniture or other objects from falling. However, the main purpose of building these walls is to protect people from falling.